3 Tips For Dealing With The Loss Of A Bathroom During A Renovation

Depending on how quickly you or your contractor works, it could be a few weeks before a renovation of your bathroom can be completed. If you have more than one bathroom, having the room out of commission is not that big of a deal. However, if you only have one, you need to look for alternative methods of meeting your needs. Before you start your renovation, here are just a few ways you can prepare for the temporary loss of your bathroom.  

Set a Timeline 

If you are working with a contractor, he or she needs to provide you with an estimated completion date. Ask the contractor to provide you with a detailed plan that outlines which parts of the renovation will be completed by certain dates. You can use the outline to track the progress of the project and push for a faster completion if the contractor and workers fall behind. 

If you are doing the work yourself, you need to create a timeline for completing each project. It is important to be realistic about the plan. If you are relying on others to help, you need to ensure they can commit to the dates you have outlined. To keep the project on track, you also need to look for backup helpers who can step in and help if someone is unavailable on certain dates.  

Create a Makeshift Bathroom 

Unless you plan to crash a friend or family member's bathroom every day, you need to establish a more convenient way of taking care of your needs. One option is to set up a makeshift bathroom. For instance, you can set up a temporary shower in your backyard or garage.  

Due to the sanitary implications involved with using the toilet, you should consider renting a portable toilet. There are a variety of toilets available that can fit your needs. For instance, some toilets are equipped with a hand-washing station, interior shelves, and solar lighting, if needed. The toilets feature ventilation to prevent odors from building up, and some even offer flushing toilets.  

Obtain Special Orders Before Starting Renovation 

Some items, such as the countertop and tiles, might need to be special ordered. Unfortunately, delays can happen on the distributor's end, and you could lose precious days on the renovation while you or your contractor wait on the items to arrive. You can choose to move forward with the renovation, but to avoid delays, you should wait until all of the special order items are in and ready to be installed.