Problems With Plumbing That Can Cause Water Damage That Leads To Mold Growth

The plumbing problems in your home may be more than just a problem with the leaks beneath a sink; they may be hidden deep in walls and can lead to issues with mold. Some problems like uninsulated pipes will go unnoticed until you start to see signs of mold. Here are some of the plumbing problems that are common and often hidden in the walls of your home:

1. Uninsulated Pipes That Cause Condensation and Hidden Moisture Problems

The unprotected pipes in your home can cause problems with moisture, which will ultimately lead to problems with mold growth. To prevent pipes from forming condensation on the outside of them, make sure all pipes that are exposed to the air from outside are insulated. In addition, you will want to check things like HVAC ducts and other mechanical features that can form condensation and make sure they have insulation to prevent moisture problems in your home.

2. Leaking Pipes That Are Inside Walls and Other Building Features

Sometimes, the leaking pipes in your home may be hidden inside a wall. The pipe does not have to be gushing water for it to cause a problem with water in your home. Pipes that have small dripping leaks can also cause problems with moisture and eventually mold. If you suspect that there are leaking pipes in the walls of your home, contact a plumbing contractor and talk with them about leak detection services to find the leaks and repair them before they cause too much damage.

3.Lack of Backflow Prevention Causing Lines To Backup And Flood Your Home

Another problem that can lead to the flooding and problems with water getting in your home is the lack of backflow prevention. These are devices that are installed on things like drains and different plumbing systems to prevent water to backing up into your home. If you have a home in a low-lying area, then backflow prevention devices will help to protect your home from damage. You will also want to have backflow prevention installed in areas like basements. The backflow prevention devices include one-way valves that prevent water from flowing in reverse in plumbing lines.

With the plumbing in your home, there are many problems that may lead to mold growth. When you think the problems with mold are caused by a plumbing leak, contact a plumbing contractor like Travers Plumbing & Heating Inc to help you get the repairs done.