Two Reasons The Plumbing System Is Making Weird Noises

It's not unusual for a plumbing system to make noise, but some sounds are more worrying than others. If your pipes or water heater is making strange whistling, knocking, or banging noises, here's what may be causing it and how to fix the issue.

Whistling and Vibrating Around the Toilet

The toilet is one of the most frequently used items in the home, so it's inevitable this would be the first place where you may notice problems. If you hear whistling, screaming, and/or vibrating around the toilet whenever you flush it, that means there's something wrong with the toilet fill valve.

This simple mechanism is responsible for making sure the toilet fills to the right level and doesn't overflow. Over time, the valve and its associated parts wear out, resulting in the valve not closing like it should or some of the parts loosening. This can result in odd and disturbing sounds each time you flush the toilet, such as a screaming, whistling, or vibrating noise. The toilet may also constantly run.

You can confirm it's the valve that's the problem by putting a little bit of dye in the tank and see if it makes its way into the toilet bowl. The flapper (the part that actually plugs the drain between the tank and the bowl) may be the problem if water in the toilet bowl changes color. Another thing you should do is lift the float (the item that tells the valve how much water is in the tank) up as high as it will go. This mechanism will need to be adjusted or replaced if the noise stops.

If the noises and running toilet continues despite these tests, then your toilet fill valve needs to be replaced.

Banging in the Walls

Another noise you may hear is banging in the walls whenever you turn on the water. There are a couple of reasons this may occur. The most common cause is debris in the pipes. As water flows through the drains, it creates eddies and air pockets as it moves over obstructions. You can confirm this is the issue if you also hear gurgling sounds in your sink and tub whenever you run the water. The simple fix for this is to use an over-the-counter drain cleaning product or have a professional clean them for you.

The second thing that could be causing the banging noise is loose pipes. The pipes may have been installed incorrectly or come loose over the many years of use. If you cleaned your drains and are still hearing the banging sounds, you may need to secure the pipes using clamps to keep them from moving whenever water flows through them.

For more information about odd sounds in your plumbing or help fixing issues with your system, contact a local plumber, like Walt's Plumbing.