The Three Pillars Of Preventing A Home Flood

If you want to prevent a home flood, there are 3 major areas where you will need to invest in your home's upkeep.


Let's start from the top. Many floods begin when a roof gives way. More subtly, a roof can let water in on a continuous basis and cause the crawl spaces to collect water. You might not even know it's happening until your walls start changing color or giving way. The place to start with preventing this damage is regular roofing inspections. If tiles or portions of roof are detached or missing, that's an obvious issue. But the issue can also rest with how well the roof is sealed.

Any time you notice water dripping in, get that fixed; you can sometimes patch small areas yourself. If you have a flat roof, another step to take is to look for pools of water on the roof. When the pressure of the water is too great, it could cause the roof to cave and flood the area below it. Water shouldn't be able to pool in a specific spot on the roof, so talk to your roofing person about fixing the evenness of the roof's surface. As a temporary fix, you would also want to poke a hole in the roof and catch the water below with a bucket so that the weight doesn't place strain on the roofing system.


Waterproofing throughout the house will create a comprehensive storm proofing plan. Choose siding materials that resist water damage. Correct your insulation if it has been worn too heavily. Contact a basement waterproofing specialist for help with protecting the most vulnerable area of your house-- the portion that's submerged underground and likely to be the place where floodwater lands.

Septic and Plumbing

The third pillar of great flood proofing is taking care of your septic and plumbing system. Problems with either system will lead to a backup of sewage-- something no homeowner wants. Keep up with the calendar of septic tank pumping visits and call in plumbing services whenever you notice plumbing fixtures behaving strangely-- and not just after they have caused home damage. Aside from that, you might want to learn about the ways to go easy on your plumbing, including disposing of waste solids outside of the plumbing system and doing regular drain cleaning; these will help reduce your overall need for professional maintenance and inspections. Companies like Power Pro Plumbing can help you with your needs.