Fix Up Essentials For Your Inherited Country Cottage

If you've recently inherited a country cottage from a relative, then it is important that you look into what needs to be fixed up. Perhaps your relative kept the cottage as a vacation place and they never spent much money on the place. If the place was just a place to relax occasionally on the weekends, or maybe just on holidays, then your relative might not have spent much money on maintaining the place. If you've recently inherited it, and you plan to use the place, then it is important for you fix it up. Here are a few of the most important things for you to do.

Fix Any Leaks In The Roof

You never want to let a small leak progress to a larger one. It's not simply a case of a little leak getting bigger, it's a case of the roof being destroyed. The small leak might not be a bother to you, especially if you're not living at the property, but you have to consider the long-term effects. The long-term consequences of water damage are serious. It can rot out the roof sheathing. This is a serious repair. It's not just a case of tearing up some old shingles and patching the small hole. It can turn into a big procedure where the entire roof decking will need to be repaired.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows are problematic in two ways. First, the windows can be dangerous. If they are not in good shape, they can crack and cause serious injuries. The other problem with old windows in a cottage is that they are probably not very insulating. This can cause a huge monetary issue if you need to run air conditioners during the summer. All of that expensive cold air will leak out through the old, thin windows. So, you might want to get new windows with better insulation installed.

Upgrade The Heating System

You also want to make sure the heating system is in good shape. This will allow you to extend the time you can use the cottage. If you want to use the cottage during the fall, you will need the boiler and the other components of the heating system to be in good shape. In addition to bringing in a plumber to make sure your pipes are in good shape, you also want to be certain that you have the heating system in good shape. If your boiler is not in good working condition, it might leak and ruin your basement. Additionally, the heating contractor will ensure that you never have an issue with hot water. That's important no matter what time of year you decide to vacation at the cottage.