3 Plumbing Repairs That Are Great Opportunities For Energy-Saving Home Improvements

The plumbing repairs that are needed for your home can be great opportunities to give your home green improvements that help you save. For instance, when you replace your water heater, consider energy-efficient solutions that save water and energy. There are also other improvements, such as replacing faucets and toilets. Here are some of the energy-efficient improvements to consider when you call a licensed plumber:

1. Different Options for Water Heater Upgrades for Your Replacement

The water heater in your home is one of the most important components of your household plumbing. It is going to need regular maintenance, a few repairs, and eventually, you are going to need a water heater replacement. When having your water heater replaced, you will have several choices of new energy efficient designs. You may want to consider water heaters that are on-demand or tankless, or have a heat pump water heater installed to save energy in your home. You may also want to talk with a licensed plumber about adding a solar water heater to your home, which will help reduce energy consumption.

2. Leaking Faucets and Upgrades to Save Water and Energy

Faucets that leak are one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners must deal with. When you have a leaking faucet that needs to be repaired, you may be considering replacing it. Look for faucets and plumbing fixtures that have a lower rate of flow, which means less water is wasted, and it can also help save energy in your home. Using a low-flow shower head can greatly reduce water waste in your bathroom, and today, you have many choices for shower heads with adjustable settings.

3. Solutions to Reduce Water Wasted with Toilets in Bathrooms

In the bathroom, there is another part of your plumbing that may waste water and need repairs; the toilet. When doing repairs to a leaky toilet, there are a few options to reduce water consumption here. There are DIY solutions that can help displace water in the tank and reduce water consumption, or you may want to consider completely replacing the toilet with a new design that uses less water than your old one.

These are some of the energy efficient improvements that you will want to consider for your home when you have plumbing repairs done. If you need help with repairs to your site, contact a plumbing contractor to help with some of these improvements to your home.