Three Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater With A Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters sometimes get a bad rap because they work most efficiently only in certain conditions, unlike the traditional kind that will power through nearly any surrounding temperature as long as you supply it with electricity or gas. But that's because a heat pump model, also known as a hybrid water heater, actually gains its power from the surrounding environment in a way that's much more efficient than simply using electricity. Here's why this model is a good replacement.

1. Save money

The technology used to operate a heat pump water heater is based on moving heat out of the air into water, rather than creating heat from energy (like a traditional water heater does). This is a much more efficient process, which means that the heat pump technology can give much more heat value for the amount of energy you put into it. This is, of course, great for your wallet.

2. Save the environment

In addition to being great for your wallet, the energy use reduction is also great for the Earth. The less electricity you use, the lower your fossil fuel consumption (at least if your home runs on conventional sources of electricity). There's another benefit, though; using energy that already exists (rather than creating more) helps reduce your personal contribution to global warming. 

3. Adapt to a warm climate

Because this type of water heater takes heat from the air around it, it can actually assist your air conditioning efforts. This is especially beneficial if you live in a climate where air conditioning is needed for a majority of the year, such as in the southern areas of the US. 

This type of water heater also works best in warmer environments, since the heat pump mechanism is most effective in temperatures over about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So the less often the area falls beneath 40, the less often the (less effective) backup heating element will have to come on. And if you live in a really warm area, such as Florida, the water heater may contribute to your climate control for nearly the entire year, maximizing not only the efficient water heating possibilities but also the AC assistance possibilities.

These three reasons show how a heat pump water heater can be a great choice for someone who's looking to save money and reduce their environmental footprint, especially in a warm climate. Every type of water heater has advantages and disadvantages, but the heat pump type of water has unique advantages that you don't get with any other type.

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