Smelling Raw Sewage? What To Do After A Home Sewage Backup

Did a horrible smell cause you to step into your basement to discover the sight of a raw sewage backup? If so, you'll need to act quickly. It is possible for raw sewage to not only cause damage to your house, but put people at a possible health risk. All that raw sewage contains bacteria that could result in gastroenteritis or E.coli, which is why cleaning up the mess and correcting the problem is so important. Here is what you should do if you have a raw sewage backup in your home.

Put On Protective Clothing

Raw sewage can cause health risks, which makes it very important to wear protective clothing when dealing with the mess. You should be wearing safety goggles so that your eyes are not exposed to the fumes, a mask so you do not breath anything in, gloves to protect your skin, and a long shirt and pants to cover up the rest of your body. Fashion is not a priority when it comes to protection.

Open Your Windows

You'll want to get that bad air out of your home, since you do not want to remain exposed to the fumes created by the sewage. Start by opening windows and turning on bathroom exhaust fans. Place box fans in windows that suck the air out rather than push fresh air inside. Don't make the mistake of trying to bring in fresh air, since it will just move the fumes through your home quite easily.

Clean Out The Drain

That sewage is not going to go back down the drain, since something must have caused it to come up. You'll need to locate the drain cap outside your home so that you can get access to the main sewer clean out. This should be somewhere along the path where your home's plumbing travels to reach the city sewer system.

You'll need to hire a plumber to snake out the sewer line and clear whatever clog is in there. It's possible that you'll need them to do some other drain cleaning in your home as well.

Clean Up The Mess

You can use a wet vacuum to remove sewage that is on the floor, in your bathtub, or in your sinks. Then scrub the surface using a bleach solution to kill off any bacteria or other germs that could be on the surface. Rinse the surface off with water, and you'll be good to go.