3 Drainage Solutions To Protect Foundations And Improve Waterproofing

Your home's foundation is vulnerable to damage from rainwater and runoff, which is why good foundation waterproofing is essential. In addition to good waterproofing, you also want to have good drainage systems. There are drainage systems that can be installed for interior basement systems, exteriors, and your landscaping. Here are some of the drainage systems to protect your foundation and improve waterproofing.

1. Landscaping Drainage Systems To Deal With Excess Runoff

Landscaping drainage systems can be a great improvement to protect the foundation of your home and prevent problems with standing water around your home. Permanent landscaping drainage will give rainwater a place to go and protect your home from damage.

To further take advantage of these landscaping improvements, add a catch basin to store the water from runoff and use it outdoors for things like watering plants. Landscaping drainage installations are good for properties with poor watershed and problems with standing water that can cause structural damage and other problems.

2. Exterior Foundation Drainage To Reduce Static Water Pressure

Exterior foundation drainage systems are your first line of defense against water damage and failing waterproofing. The systems consist of drain tile that allows groundwater to drain away to reduce static water pressure, which is the force of water as it drains through soils. The old drain tiles that protect your home's foundation can fail and may need to be replaced. There are also improvements to foundation waterproofing that can be done to update your home and prevent damage.

A good waterproofing system should include drainage tiles that help divert water away from your home and prevent damage. In addition, modern waterproofing systems with sealants and membranes will provide your home with better waterproofing and help reduce static water pressure that causes damage to foundations.

3. Interior Drainage Systems To Remove Water And Moisture Inside Your Home

The interior of your home is vulnerable to different causes of water damage, especially if you have a basement. The low areas of foundations can develop problems like condensation and moisture or leaks from failing waterproofing. To prevent these problems from causing water damage, an interior foundation drainage system will help keep the water out.

In addition, pumps should be installed to remove drainage and plumbing waste waters from the lower foundation areas. Good interior drainage for basements will help reduce moisture problems.

These are some of the drainage solutions to protect your foundation from damage and improve waterproofing. If you need to have improvements done to drainage and waterproofing, contact a foundation waterproofing service for help.

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