Your Enameled Cast Iron Sink: A Care Guide

Many homeowners love their enameled cast iron sinks. The sinks are incredibly durable and last for decades, they won't develop dents like a stainless steel sinks can, and you can put hot pots and other items into them without worrying that these sinks will crack. But while they are incredibly durable, enameled cast iron sinks do require some specialized care to keep them in good shape throughout their lifespan. Here are some guidelines for caring for your enameled cast iron sink — along with some tips for repairing minor damage that your sink may suffer as it ages.

Saving Drains From Tenant Tyranny: 10 Ways Landlords Can Keep Their Plumbing Clog-Free

Owning rental property can be rewarding and lucrative, but it can sometimes be one headache after another, especially if tenants misuse or abuse your apartments. Clogged pipes are one instance where being a landlord can drain your time and money. Here are ten helpful ways to prevent clogged pipes in your rental property. 1. Specify Who Is Responsible For Clogs In The Lease You should include a clause in the lease your tenants sign, indicating if they or you will be responsible for drain cleaning and clogs.

Reasons Not to Put Grease Down Your Drain

"Fatberg" may sound like a mean name that bullies use in kindergarten, but really, it's a term that refers to giant globs of solidified fat that are forming in the sewers of many large cities. Fatbergs are comprised of the grease that gets rinsed down the drains of homes and restaurants. Other items, from food particles to wet wipes, get caught in the fatbergs, causing them to grow even larger.