Steps To Cleaning A Clogged Drain

It can be hard to know when you should call a plumber with a clogged pipe. You want to try to get the clog fixed on your own, but there is a time when it is necessary to call a professional. There are many different ways to get rid of a clog, but the best thing to do is try and prevent clogs in the first place. The best thing that you can do is throw items in the garbage.

What Causes Burst Plumbing Pipes?

A burst plumbing pipe is something you never want to be surprised with. So it's important to keep in mind the different issues that lead to a burst pipe. Frozen Pipes The most common cause of burst pipes that the public is aware of is frozen pipes. Your heater breaks in the winter and water inside your pipes freezes, only to cause a blockage that builds up pressure. This one is pretty easy to avoid: Use an alternate heat source (like a space heater) to keep the pipes from freezing, or shut the water off until the heat is back on.

The Difference Between An AC Unit And A Heat Pump

When you choose equipment to heat and cool your home, you might think that you only have one choice—to use an AC unit to cool your home and a furnace to heat your home. Installing two separate pieces of machinery only adds to your installation costs, but you don't necessarily have to use two separate machines. Instead, you may be able to use one heat pump to both heat and cool your home.

3 Preventable Plumbing Mistakes

In most instances, a full-blown plumbing disaster is avoidable. Although calling on professional plumbers to perform plumbing replacement and repairs is the most logical move, some homeowners opt to do the repairs themselves to save money. Unfortunately, seemingly harmless mistakes made during the process can result in costly repairs. If you are planning to work on your plumbing system yourself, here are some preventable mistakes. Installing Inaccessible Clean-Outs Regardless of how well your plumbing system is cared for, clogs can occur.

Fix Up Essentials For Your Inherited Country Cottage

If you've recently inherited a country cottage from a relative, then it is important that you look into what needs to be fixed up. Perhaps your relative kept the cottage as a vacation place and they never spent much money on the place. If the place was just a place to relax occasionally on the weekends, or maybe just on holidays, then your relative might not have spent much money on maintaining the place.